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Receive wreaths or ornaments throughout the year!

Imagine the thrill of going to your mailbox and finding a seasonal ornament/wreath throughout the year. Or are you looking for a gift that keeps on giving? This is the perfect solution!

Subscribe for an ornament of the month for one year and/OR choose to have a new seasonal wreath shipped 5 times a year (spring, summer, Halloween, autumn, Christmas). Items are chosen by WreathsByKari and are sure to put a smile on your face when the mailman delivers. Shipping cost is included in the subscriptions. Pay once and enjoy for a year!
Wreath Subscription
One year - 5 wreaths
18 inch

Wreath Subscription
One year - 5 wreaths
24 inch

Wreath Subscription
One year - 5 wreaths
20 inch Rag-Tie

A seasonal wreath will be shipped 5 times a year:
spring, summer, Halloween, autumn, Christmas

Shipping is included in the subscription.
Ornament Subscription
One year - 12 ornaments

Ornament Subscription
One year - 6 ornaments

A different ornament will be shipped monthly
(or bimonthly) for one year.