'EVERGREEN FROST'  is the name of this ornament.

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CAUTION: Each fabric quilted ornament contains a large quantity of straight pins. These ornaments are for decoration only as they could be a hazard for pets or children.

This ornament is delicate and absolutely stunning. Light mint green ribbon with glitter silver accents throughout is combined with a silver lame fabric. All pieces of ribbon and fabric are precisely folded and pinned around a 3" styrofoam ball. A gorgeous combination of silver and mint green ribbons make up the bow on top.

Ornaments are fun in decorative bowls, hanging on an ornament stand, sitting on your mantle, hanging on door knobs, and store easily for the holidays.

Ornaments are decorative only. Not intended for children or pets as they contain hundreds of straight pins.

  - Hand Made
  - Finest quality fabric
  - Convenient Hanging Loop
  - 3 inch diameter,  $15.00 each.
  - Scented with essential oils
  $15.00  -  3 inch Ornament 
  $16.00  -  3 inch Ornament with essential oils
Select a Fragrance:  
  $5.00  -  Ornament Hanger
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Ornament HangerOrnament Hanger
Base: 5 in diameter
Height: 7 in tall
Price: $5.00